Vien Minh Overview

Vien Minh is a social enterprise that prides itself on using natural ingredients to help your body achieve harmony and serenity. The name “Vien Minh” itself is derived from ancient Buddhist teachings, and translates to “Full of Wisdom.” Fittingly, our central philosophy is to share our wisdom of traditional Vietnamese medicine with the world. “Wisdom,” as we define it, is the content feeling  from helping others and sharing what we have.  That’s why at Vien Minh we pride ourselves on helping our customers enrich their lives through our products. We share our wisdom because we believe that what you receive you should give and we want to give back to our beloved customers who have made Vien Minh successful. Our continuous strive for wisdom is also why we have partnered with local farmers in the Ninh Binh and Ha Tinh areas in order to give back to our local agriculture community. Our partnership creates a mutually beneficial relationship in which local low-income farmers gain extra income while cultivating and protecting the Melaleuca trees which are the source of our products.

The main ingredient in all Vien Minh products is derived from Melaleuca trees, or more specifically Melaleuca cajuputi. This tree is one of hundreds of species of the Melaleuca genus (Myrtaceae family) that is commonly grown in Vietnam, Thailand, and other parts of Southeast Asia. The Melaleuca cajuputi essential oil used in our products is extracted from fresh cajeput leaves through steam distillation.

Vien Minh community includes local farmers, traditional medicine practitioners, farming engineers, and other specialists who have all made a commitment to revitalizing the arid land of central Vietnam that has long been the victim of deforestation. Following our contributions to the revitalization of the area, the area has successfully been reforested with Melaleuca trees that are resistant to harsh environments. 

At Vien Minh, our core belief is that aromatherapy and physical massage increase positive energy in the mind and body. The physical massaging of the body can improve blood flow and functioning of the body’s systems, and using essential oils can further improve clarity of the mind. We also believe that physical touch is essential not only to improving the body’s system but also for establishing connection between people. A physical massage can show that you care for someone and want them to be healthy and happy. Likewise, our central mission is to share this traditional wisdom with the world so it can become a global self-care method!

About the Founder

Paho first got the idea for Vien Minh when she used essential oils and massages to relieve discomforts she felt while pregnant. This method of care worked so well she wanted to share it with other expecting mothers who shared similar struggles and wanted a more natural alternative to minor ailments like a cold or headaches. She also wanted to share her pride and appreciation for the gift of the Melaleuca trees at a larger scale. Thus, she founded Vien Minh to share the gift of Vietnamese traditional medicine with the world!

  1. Mission, Vision, Values
    1. “A perfect life”
      • Having good health, being loved, helping others in your community
    2. Wisdom
      • Your mind is enlightened through dedication, desired knowledge, and satisfaction
    3. Dedication
      • Defined as the selfless contribution of wisdom and effort to help your family and community develop themselves
    4. Honesty
      • Following the highest ethical standards
    5. Camaraderie + logo explanation + name explanation (buddhist inspiration)
      • Defined as a close bond between family members, uniting them and fostering happiness in the home.
      • Inspired by the shape and structure of the personal seal from the Nguyen dynasty founders of the south central region; the circle around the name depicts the flow of powers of camaraderie always moving in an endless orbit, symbolizing the love that’s forever spread
      • Vien Minh=full of wisdom
  2. Melaleuca tree and the people who cultivate it
    • Two types of melaleuca:  Melaleuca cajuputi tree and tea tree
  3. Strengths
    • Organic ingredients of Vien Minh essential oils meet USDA organic standards
    • Traditional medicine doctors support herbal medicine and promote its use. Ex: using essential oils to care for babies
    • Customers love the products so much that they become distributors and vendors of the products, creating a grassroots movement that promotes the sale of Vien Minh’s essential oils

Let’s join hands with Viên Minh to give love, values to communities!

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