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We believe that there are 4 barriers of protection against infection, termed the 4 X’s of Vien Minh Respiratory System Care: Xông (steaming), Xoa (massage), Xịt (spray), and Xơi (eating). This philosophy guides our approach to making products that maximize the healing and transformative properties of Melaleuca trees

All Vien Minh products fall into three categories of care: Tái Sinh Tràm (Renew), Tiñh Tâm Tràm (Meditate), and Thanh Tẩy Tràm (Cleanse). Tái Sinh Tràm includes hair care products such as shampoo and conditioner, and skin care products such as [salt bath, PH5, fat-burning massage oil, and] moisturizer. It also includes products for musculoskeletal care and respiratory relief such as massage oil and nasal spray [, ear drops, tea, syrup, herbal formula, and more]. The focus of all these items is to refresh and renew the body. Tiñh Tâm Tràm includes products such as lemongrass, cinnamon, and other pure essential oils [with more blended oils to come] that focus on purifying one’s environment through aromatherapy to achieve a meditative state of being. Finally, Thanh Tẩy Tràm products focus on keeping the body and one’s physical environment clean. They include hand wash, insect repellent, detergent, and other household cleaning products.

The main ingredient in all our products comes from a species of the Melaleuca Cajeput tree native to the north region of Ninh Binh and the central region of Ha Tinh in Vietnam. “Melaleuca cajuputi essential oil” is the common name for the line of essential oils extracted from this tree, which includes dozens of different compounds. Cineole 1,8 is the main active ingredient extracted from cajuputi leaves, and likewise forms the basis for the Melaleuca cajuputi oil used in all our products. In addition to the cajuputi oil, our products also use oil from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree, also known as tea tree oil. This oil’s active ingredient is terpinen-4-ol and works hand in hand with Cineole 1,8 to create the antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral healing properties found in all our products. The versatility of these essential oils is the key to our variety of products. From nasal spray to massage oil to insect repellent, you are sure to find what you are looking for directly on our website and/or any stores that carry the Vien Minh brand.

  1. Mission, Vision, Values
    1. “A perfect life”
      1. Having good health, being loved, helping others in your community
    2. Wisdom
      1. Your mind is enlightened through dedication, desired knowledge, and satisfaction
    3. Dedication
      1. Defined as the selfless contribution of wisdom and effort to help your family and community develop themselves
    4. Honesty
      1. Following the highest ethical standards
    5. Camaraderie + logo explanation+name explanation(Buddhist inspiration)
      1. Vien Minh=Full of Wisdom
      2. Feel happy not by

Product Structure Video

  1. For every product sold, 1000 dong are donated to preserving melaleuca trees 
  2. 3 types of Vien Minh products
    1. Tái Sinh Tràm: hair care (shampoo), musculoskeletal care (joint relief), skincare (acne treatment, moisturizer), respiratory system care
    2. Tiñh Tâm Tràm: aromatherapy, pure oil (lemongrass/cinnamon)
    3. Thanh Tây Tràm: head wash, insect repellent
  3. Essential Oils Barriers of Protection: The 4 X’s of Respiratory System Care
    1. Xông=steaming
    2. Xoa=massage
    3. Xit=spray
    4. Xoi=eating


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